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Monday Breathing Community

My mission at Youreka Coaching is to provide natural and sustainable solutions for people who suffer from stress, sleep deprivation and exhaustion. By guiding participants through breathing techniques that combine scientific research with ancient practices, I support individuals to feel more energised and connected to their life. Combining breath work with nature will offer the opportunity for a healthier and more energetic lifestyle. 


Every Monday evening at 7:30 pm GMT you are welcome to join a small group of people like you. Through breathing practises, we can release worries, stress and tension that we carry in the body, improve our mental clarity and strengthen our connection to our intuition.

04/April - Diaphragmatic Breathing

Diaphragm Breathing. Those are small exercises you can do every day, to increase your lung capacity and oxygen intake. When done every day, you can feel less stressed, calmer and energised, all day long. 

18/April - Calming & Relaxing

Sometimes a faster breathing technique can help us to feel calm and relaxed. This effective exercise is great for everyone who can feel their worries, stress or anxiety affecting their lives. 

11/April - Balance of Emotions

Let's use breathwork to open the door to our emotions. Your body will have the space to regulate the energies and bring your emotions back into balance. This is a great exercise for everyone who needs a break.

25/April - Chakra Cleansing

Let's get your body ready for the new month. The exercise is designed to cleanse your energy channels and fill you up with positivity.

What Our Clients Say

Breathing Community

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Reanna T.

"Absolutely great guidance through the exercise. Lovely calm and relaxing approach to the session."