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Empowering Coaching Programme

Exhausted, overwhelmed and stressed out... Wondering "what am I doing with my life?"

If you can connect with these, please let me tell you - you have the right to change this! 


Coaching Outcomes

Set a clear goal for your professional and personal life
Clarity on what you want from life and how to get it
Create a
deep focus, inspiration and joy for your goal
Learn new breathing tools to create
lasting change
Let go of any blocks and limitations 
Feel closer to your
true self and your values
clear actions plans for your solutions
new habits that support you in your higher self
Feel confident in yourself and your capabilities

Enjoy your life - all of it.

Introducing the 3 Month Programme

Coaching Sessions

You get 6 x 50min sessions to focus on your goals and values to enable the change you need.


I will hold you accountable, assist you in bringing your life to the next level, and find the answer on how to implement your goals during and after the programme.


We will work together to create new habits to support your goals, which will feel crystal clear. You will feel productive and relaxed.

Accountability Sessions

With 5 x 15min accountability calls, we will have a quick check-in and see how you are doing.


How has your week been, how do you feel about your next steps and what do you need that will help you on the way?


I will ensure to hold you accountable in a supportive manner.

Email support

Unlimited support via email will be available for you. Most clients take the opportunity to share their insights and learnings throughout their week as well as any questions or troubles they experience.

Tools & Worksheets

Personalised worksheets and tools as 'homework' in between sessions will guide your journey and help you to break down your big goal into smaller chunks. All tools will be available for you forever to stay in tune with your goals after our journey together.

Session Notes

After every session, you will receive a summary of your coaching actions to hold yourself accountable and help you maintain focus on your goals.​ 

How it Works

Coaching sessions are 50 minutes long and are held every 2 weeks via Zoom. In between, we will have accountability sessions, which are 15 minutes long where you can share any pressing concerns, insights and successes. I have flexible working hours to fit your schedule.

I use a combination of visual tools, insightful questions and breathwork to bring you results which last. You will be treated as the capable, whole person you are and offer unconditional support.

This programme has a 3-month minimum to give you the space you need to create sustainable, impactful change. Change doesn’t happen overnight, as your brain has to embody your new habits. 3 months will give you the time to implement new habits, reflect, do the work and start feeling comfortable with your new you.


During this journey, you will have the support you need to bring your life to the next level. At the end of the programme, we will review the progress you have made and you then decide whether you’d like to continue, take a break or finish coaching. This is completely up to you.

One2One | Empowering Coaching | 3 months

Let's get started. Book onto the 3 Month Empowering Coaching Programme

to have the support and accountability in the process of achieving

your goals with confidence and joy.


After booking the programme I will send you a link for you to book your first session. 

Value - £1416

Pay as much as you can via PayPal.

Do I NEED a Coach?

No. You don’t need a coach.

You are 100% capable of getting off the hamster wheel to create the life you are longing for. A life where you know your goals, feel present, fulfilled by your job and have bags of confidence - all on your own. The question is, do you WANT to do it by yourself?

You are not alone in wanting to go this path alone - so many of my clients tried to do it themselves. I mean, how hard can it be, right? I know that you could find a way to make your goals work no matter how long it took, but do you really want to take all that extra time? 

You are here, reading through this text. You came already so far through my site, and you keep reading. What does this tell you? How willing are you to do it all by yourself?

Personally I have invested in various coaches to support me and it worked. In just one year, my confidence rose, my energy levels have risen up to the roof and my business is becoming bigger and bigger. I feel much more confident with my new self and I know that this is all because I had the professional help I needed, to get me where I am. My business has surpassed what I ever thought possible.

Do I believe I could have done this without support? Yes (though believe me, I did have to work on believing that, first!). But if I can have someone who is an EXPERT there to support me… why the heck wouldn’t I!? Whether or not you hire a coach isn’t a question of NEED, but whether you have a deep desire for whatever it is you want to change or create in your life, and what support you want to help you get there.


My expertise will assist you to clear the path so you stop stumbling around trying to THINK your way to a joyful life and start being reactive and do something about it - with the right support next to you. 

So if your deep desire for change would benefit from that kind of expert support, I’m your woman for 1:1 coaching. Not because you need to, but because you have that deep desire.

I'm an expert in...

... happiness, success and leading a balanced life - how to clear the way for it, where to find it, create it and maintain it.

... connecting with your goals (deep desires) - how to recognise them, process them, release them and use them to your advantage.

... being present and experiencing life to its fullest - knowing how to stop living in your head.

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Any more questions?
Drop me an email and ask away.

Thanks for your message.

You will receive a reply within the next 24h.


First time working with me?

Book your Free Online Consultation.

You and I have a conversation with the aim to get to know each other and create an action plan on how I can support you best.


Both parties, you and me, should feel the relationship can offer the right support and feel to create mutual confidence. 

Book your free consultation and let's get started.

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