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Your Breathing Community

Your space to breathe, learn and grow together.

Breathe with us

Enhance your life by joining our free online breathing community from the comfort of your home

Learn together

You have the opportunity to learn about the advantages of breathwork and practise with a community of loving, supporting and caring individuals, just like you.

Your Community

This is an inclusive community for people all around the world. We have professionals, parents, students and job seekers joining us from Europe, the Middle East and Africa. See what they say about the Breathing Community.

The basis behind breath

By working with our breath, we can release worries, stress and tension that we carry in the body, improve our mental clarity and strengthen our connection to our intuition. 

Where & When?

You are welcome to join us every Monday via Zoom at 20:00 GMT, from the comfort of your home.
Feel free to interact in the session as much as you like - camera on or off, microphone on or off. This is your space and your choice.

My mission is to make breathwork accessible to everyone, and as such, there is no cost associated with joining the community. 


What if you are not sure if you can make it every Monday evening? Or if you are caring for someone and can't always make it? 

After every session, you will receive an audio recording of the exercise via email. You can do your practice under your conditions.

Will you join us?


Not quite sure?

Get comfortable and try out a sample session today. 

Try it out.

Drop me an email with the code
"I want to join the community" 
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