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Making Dreams Come True

My name is Steff and I am a life coach, designer and psychology student, focusing my work on the wellbeing of women around the world. 

Working as a designer in the Lingerie business, I got the greatest satisfaction from assisting new businesses in their growth. Two years ago, I made the decision to develop my career and started my journey as a Happiness Coach.

Turning a Vision into Reality

With hard work and dermination, I turned my vision into reality, living my life as a Happiness Coach. 


I started my Coaching training with Coacharya in 2019. To gain an even deeper understanding of the human mind, I started to study Psychology and Counceling (Honours) in 2020.


My goal is to inspire women around the globe to develop a positive relationship with themself and experience true love and happiness. Regardless of what stage of your life you are at, everyone has the right to feel love and happiness.

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