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Reduce stress, anxiety and fears
with science-based practices

Let's get started

Book onto the 4-week 1:1 Breathing Programme and learn with me how you 

can cope with a stressful life and a lack of energy. This programme is also fantastic

for everyone who fears the dentist more then anything. 


After booking the programme I will send you a link to arrange your first session. 

Investment - £149

Stress-free life, balanced energy & uninterrupted sleep


Programme includes

  • Free consultation

  • 4 week tailored programme

  • 4 x 45min 1:1 Online Breathing Practices 

  • 12 Supportive breathing videos, especially
    designed for you

  • Email support for your questions (office hours)

  • BONUS! Breathing Guide Booklet (PDF download)

Buy now

Don't have Paypal?
Or other questions?

Send me an email and we will figure it out together.


What can you expect...

I use science-based breathing techniques that are proven to be effective, safe, and for everyone to use - yes, for you too. You will learn how to reduce your stress levels, calm your nerves, balance your energy and put yourself to sleep.

You can go for weeks without food, days without water, but only a few minutes without breathing. The way we inhale and exhale has an enormous effect on our nervous system, the same way chocolate, alcohol, or even Netflix does. Learning breathing techniques is an opportunity for health-seekers who are looking to create a balanced lifestyle. While it is common to think of a healthy diet, excercise and drinking enough water, your breath is quickly overlooked.

Did you know...

  • Studies have shown that by placing your finger underneath your nostrils and exhaling you can often determine your dominant nervous system state

  • When feeling stressed, overwhelmed or even anxious, simply by reducing your breathing rate you can stimulate a rest and digest, parasympathetic nervous system state to help you feel calmer, relaxed and even ready to sleep

  • You can reduce your heart rate, lower your blood pressure and reduce stress and anxiety with diaphragmatic breathing and massaging the Vagus Nerve

  • Studies have shown that severe respiratory conditions like asthma can often be managed by increasing CO2 levels in the blood

  • When taking breathing into your consciousness, it can help reduce the fear of public speaking, improve digestion, reduce insomnia, lower stress, anxiety, and feelings of overwhelm


First time working with me?

Book your Free Online Consultation.

You and I have a conversation with the aim to get to know each other and creating an action plan on how I can support you best.


Both parties, you and me, should feel the relationship can offer the right support and feel to create mutual confidence. 

Book your free consultation by emailing me your availability and let's get started.

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