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Youreka Coaching

From Stressed Out   to Chilled Out

Flip the Switch

Life is busy and it is easy to get stressed. Here is a top tip to flip the switch and start your day strong - Breathe.

That's Yourkea Coaching

That's Yourkea Coaching

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Laura, HR Manager

"With my various responcibilities as manager, mother, partner, family member, friend,... I felt stretched in all directions. BReathing with Steff helped me to feel more calm, sleepy and in control. I am rocking it now!"



Improves focus and concentration


Boosts energy levels


Promotes better sleep


Reduces cravings


Boosts immunity

Would you like to experience all the benefits above? Download this 2min breathing experience now.



Hi, my name is Steff and I'm an Executive Coach and Breathing Practitioner. I support female Leaders who are stressed out to sleep better and gain control over their lives.

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"When the breath is steady or unsteady, so is the mind, and with it the breather. Hence, the breath should be controlled."

Haṭha Yoga Pradīpikā - Ch. 11.2


Work with me

Significantly reduced stress levels through our 1:1 breathing programme. 


Corporate Support

Reduced costs related to absenteeism and high staff turn over due to stress.

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