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Your space to  relax & breath

Feel instant relief through the universally acknowledged power of breath.

Your Breathing Community

Practice transferable skills that you can use in all aspects of your life to keep yourself balanced and nurtured.


My Offer

Youreka Coaching provides natural and sustainable solutions for people who suffer from stress, sleep deprivation, exhaustion and anxiety.

How do I help

Combing scientific research with ancient practices to develop breathing techniques that will support stressed individuals to feel more energised and connected to their life.

What we can do together

Breathwork in combination with coaching will offer the opportunity for a healthier and more energetic lifestyle.


Hi, I'm Steff

I am a Life Coach and Breath Practitioner, with a strong passion for supporting people around the world in their well-being.


Before founding Youreka Coaching, I worked as a lingerie designer. I found myself in conflict with the environment and the waste created in such a complex industry. Naturally, I questioned what path I should follow next. This is when I started retraining as an executive coach. 


This change hasn't always been easy. I have experienced anxiety and a lack of belief that I am worth my dreams. When I discovered breathwork, my life changed completely. I started believing in myself and started to take action towards my dreams. Daily breathing exercises allowed my anxiety to reduce. I feel like a new person.


Today, with my understanding of the breath and mind I am sharing my knowledge in our Breathing Community, workshops and 1:1 sessions with individuals who have troubles with their sleep, are overworked, stressed and purely exhausted.

With the right support, you are able to exchange stress, exhaustion and sleepless nights with high levels of energy, creativity and positive solution-based thinking. Allow yourself to reach your next highest potential.


That’s me - in a nutshell. And who are you? I am looking forward to learning more about you.

What My Clients Say

Reanna T.

"It was a beautiful session led by a warm-hearted and passionate instructor, you can tell Steff loves what she does and it radiates through to others. I will never miss a session and will definitely recommend the sessions to others and I already have!""


Breathing Community

Your space to breathe, learn and grow together.

Enhance your life by joining our online breathing community from the comfort of your home.

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