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Stressed? Overworked?
Exhausted? Can't Sleep?

Find your balance and your purpose in life.


Hi, I'm Steff

I am a Life Coach and Breath Practitioner, with a strong passion for supporting people around the world in their well-being.


I have experienced anxiety and found the self-confidence I was longing for through breathwork and coaching. With my understanding of the breath and mind I am sharing my knowledge with groups and individuals like you, who have troubles with their sleep, are overworked, stressed and purely exhausted.


I have the pleasure of working with clients who have found their answers to their questions in life through either the coaching or breathing programme - or both. 

My passion is to help you to become resilient, feel calmer, gain clarity of mind and the ability to maintain focus, and be happier and healthier.

With the right support, you are able to exchange stress, exhaustion and sleepless nights with high levels of energy, creativity and positive solution-based thinking. Allow yourself to reach your next highest potential.


Anti-Stress Breathing

A safe and fast way to relieve stress, boost creativity, balance your energy, and improve sleep.


No experience of any kind is needed.

I take a very simple, science-based approach that is effective for everyone. 

Empowering Coaching

An energetic and supportive way to boost your growth and self-confidence to create a path of success, strength and an energetic higher self.

You will learn how to step out of conventional thinking and grow.


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"You encouraged me to fearlessly explore ideas, options and actions, all the while making me feel that I am in a safe place, free of judgement and inhibitions. Every coaching journey with you has been one of discovery, where I learned something new about myself.


"Steff opened my eyes to my true emotions. We clarified my vision to make people aware of (in)visible discrimination and moved this to my career path as a designer and lecturer. Her brilliant coaching skills, her daily ear and her positive and shining personality are an enrichment to everybody.


"Steff created the space I needed to find my own answers, clearly guiding me through the process. She was supportive, empathetic, focused on my objectives and very good at building rapport. Be ready to explore beyond your current thinking and beyond your current feelings.